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Equipment - Water treatment units


On drilling and storage locations drainage and scrub water may be contaminated by a variety of substances which may interfere with environmental friendly procedures or increase the costs of its treatment. Task has developed a water treatment unit to bring drainage and scrub water up to the standards for disposal into sewage systems or for re-use as cleaning water.

The main hardware of the unit, consisting of a buffer tank, pumps, dispensing systems for adding flocculants and stabilizing agents and tubing, is enclosed in a 20 feet container. Outside the container, the unit comprises a settling tank and a storage tank. Drainage and scrub water are pumped by a submersible pump from the corner pit into the buffer tank. From there, the water is pumped into the settling tank. During this process, chemicals such as polymers and FeCl3 can be added in-line to enhance sedimentation of the contaminants and bring the water quality up to a level that will meet the demands for sewage or wash water. From the settling tank, the treated water flows passively into the storage tank which is situated below the sedimentation unit. From the storage tank, it can be pumped to storage tanks for disposal to sewage plants or to the rig for cleaning purposes.

With this water treatment unit, Task’s offers a comprehensive solution for the problem of contaminated drainage or scrub water. The unit allows you to bring these waste waters up to a quality level which makes them suited for affordable elimination or re-use on site, and helps you to meet environmental requirements without complex and costly measures.

Technical Details
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm)6060
width (mm)2440
height (mm)2590
Technical Details
Lead Area (M2)6000
Capacity (ton/hr)20
Power Consumption (Kw)400