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Equipment - Automatic floc units


In situations where liquid should be free of suspended solids, the Task automatic flocculation unit TFU-3000 takes care of the flocculation of these solids, which subsequently can be removed by centrifuging. It is a fully automatic installation with separate compartments for the preparation of the flocculation solution, its ripening and the dosage of the correct amount to achieve flocculation of suspended solids in the mud. Both preparation and ripening tanks have their own agitators which guarantee that the delicate balance of the flocculation solution will be maintained. The unit can also be used for demulsifying operations.

The automatic flocculation unit is equipped with dry powder feeder with hopper or a liquid feed device for the flocculation/demulsifying agent, shutoff and pressure reducing valves for the operating water and level sensors. Control panels with warning signals for low polymer levels and dry running making sure that your flocculation process can be kept under close surveillance. The system is self-contained and can be mounted in a 10 ft container. It can be configured as explosion proof, suitable for operation in Zone 1.

Task’s know how and experience are essential elements in the quality and versatility of all Task equipment, including the automatic flocculation unit TFU-3000. It can be built completely to your specifications; our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of oil industry equipment will ensure short delivery times and problem free commissioning. Clever tool design and modern production facilities ensure that the equipment you order allows for reliable and economic deployment.

Technical Details
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm)3000
width (mm)2440
height (mm)2600
Preperation Specs
Capacity (litre)3000
Totale Volume (litre)3000
Capacity dry powder kg/hr 15 (litre)15
Control Panel400v-50Hz-2,5kW