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Equipment - Linear Motion Shakers


The Task TKL-series are especially designed for use in the drilling industry. High G-force in a shaker is essential to convey the amount of cuttings generated while drilling hole, to dewater drill cuttings to reclaim expensive drilling fluids, and to minimize waste. While drilling top hole sections, where heavy, high volume cuttings are typically encountered, shakers need to generate high G-force to effectively convey dense solids.

However, as conditions change in drilling and fl uids, the G-force of the TKL- 448 AG LE can be adjusted with the simple twist of the wrist at the control panel, therefore changing the cuttings conveyance velocity. This can be done without shutting down the shaker and adjusting the weight settings on the vibrator motors. As a result, Task’s TKL-448 AG LE can provide drier solids, improved drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operating costs.

All units can be provided with 400V / 50Hz or 460V / 60Hz; generate a noise level less than 80 decibels (dB); and are fitted with an adjustable deck capable of inclinations of -2 to +5°. The high G-Force design will effectively convey the solids across the screens. All units will be provided with explosion proof motors or standard motors for HDI and tunneling.

Technical Details
DesciptionThree Panel Single Deck ShakerThree Panel Single Deck ShakerFive Panel Dual Deck High G ShakerFour Panel Dual Deck High G ShakerSix Panel Dual Deck High G Shaker
Screen TypePretensioned or Hook StripPretensionedHook Strip & PretensionedPretensionedPretensioned
Max G-Force77777
Vibrating Motors2 x 1.15 kW2 x 1.15 kW2 x 1.8 kW2 x 1.8 kW2 x 1.8 kW
Screen Surface Area2,6 M22,6 M24 M23,4 M25,2 M2
Max flow Rate2270 ltr/min2270 ltr/min2840 ltr/min2840 ltr/min2840 ltr/min
Length3000 mm2200 mm3050 mm3050 mm3050 mm
Width1780 mm1780 mm1780 mm1780 mm1780 mm
Width1780 mm1780 mm1780 mm1780 mm1780 mm
Weight2066 kg1633 kg2350 kg2494 kg2350 kg