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Equipment - Mud Cleaners


Combining mud cleaning equipment based upon varying physical principles may give you the best of several worlds. With one set of equipment, you will be able to eliminate any particles larger than 15-20 microns. This will allow you to meet most environmental demands and save substantially on your operational costs.

The mud cleaner combination consists of two sets of hydro cyclones: a desander to eliminate particles of 120 – 60 μ, and a desilter which eliminates particles smaller than 60 to 20 μ. The combination of varying physical mud cleaning principles results in a high capacity mud cleaning combination with high a operational efficiency and minimum maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

Hydro cyclones form an extremely cost efficient first step to convert sand and silt loaded mud into relatively particle free fluids. Drilling fluids are pumped at high speed, up to 1500 GPM ( 340 m3/hr) at a pressure of 30 to 40 PSI (2,2 to 2.8 bar) into the hydrocyclone manifold, feeding each hydrocyclone equally. The finer particles together with fluid moves upward and escapes through the overflow tube of the hydrocyclone, a small portion of the liquid, together with the coarser particles, is eliminated through the underflow vents, and undergo a final cleaning step in the shaker resulting in ecologically sound operations and lower maintenance and disposal costs.

Task’s know-how and experience are essential elements in the quality and versatility of all Task equipment, including this desilter / desander and shaker combination. As all Task equipment, it can be delivered completely to your specifications; our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of oil industry equipment will ensure short delivery times and problem free commissioning. Clever material selection and modern production facilities ensure that the mud cleaner combination can be easily and economically deployed.

Technical Details
ModelTMC 2-16TMC 3-24
Cone size (inch)12 – 412 – 4
Capacity (gpm – m3/hr)1000 – 2271500 – 340
Head (mtr)22 – 2722 – 27
Separation µ4″ – 15+12″ – 40+