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Equipment - Cuttings Dryers


In drilling operations the Task TVD-series of cuttings dryers reduces the amount of waste material, and therefore reducing transportation and disposal costs. They will also help recover reusable drilling fluids, resulting in additional cost savings and enhanced environmental performance. Task cuttings dryers are designed for optimum liquids / solids separation and will reduce the liquid fraction of a variety of feed mud’s from 30% to 2 – 4% by weight. After dried, cuttings may eventually be used as landfill material, resulting in a further reduction of the costs of disposal.

Task cuttings dryers are also designed to keep pace with almost any drilling operation. They are usually installed after a shaker to further reduce fluids on cuttings volumes. The vertical screen type dryers have a throughput of 40 metric tons per hour, and can be adapted to any feed style, either pump, auger or vacuum system. From the service and maintenance point of view, the Task cutting dryers are designed with maximum uptime in mind. All parts subject to normal wear are easily accessible from the top of the machine. All machines can be equipped with a self-contained lifting hoist to allow maintenance of the unit without the use of a crane. Belts can be easily exchanged without removing the drive assembly, and the removal or exchange of the drive assembly itself is also a simple and straightforward operation.

Safe and secure access around the cuttings dryer is guaranteed by the specially designed site platform. The machines are designed and certified for use in Zone 1 areas, featuring explosion-proof motors. Task’s knowhow and experience are essential elements in the quality and versatility of all Task equipment, including this TVD-series of cuttings dryers. They can be built completely to your specifications; our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of oil industry equipment will ensure short delivery times and problem free commissioning. Clever tool design and modern production facilities ensure that the equipment you order allows for reliable and economic deployment.

Technical Details
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm)23402340
width (mm)33253325
height (mm)17101710
Weight (KG)32503250
Technical Details
Lead Area (M2)0.931.24
Capacity (ton/hr)3040
Power Consumption (Kw)3755