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Equipment - Offshore Mudcoolers

Offshore mudcoolers need to comply with specific requirements. Apart from robust and compact construction, they sometimes must be able to meet strict environmental standards set by authorities. Task has developed a range of offshore mudcoolers that will meet any demand. They all share a modular design, which allows them to be easily adapted or built to your specifications.

The OFM-D series mudcoolers feature a direct cooling system using sea water for cooling. For higher cooling demands, it can be equipped with a tandem cooling unit, in which the second unit functions in parallel to the first unit. You can choose the capacity to suit your needs and still be ensured of the quality and reliability of Task’s equipment.

When environmental protection is of key importance, you can choose to install a mudcooler from Task’s OFM-I series. All Task’s OFM-I series mudcoolers feature a patented closed circuit cooling system with oil detection. Oil leakage problems are excluded, allowing you to perform your drilling operations within the strictest environmental regulations and observing maximum environmental protection.

Task can build your mud cooling equipment according to your specifications. In these cases our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of offshore equipment technology will ensure short delivery times and problem free commissioning of your equipment. Clever tool design and modern production facilities ensure that all materials are processed for maximum safety and durability, extending the service life of your drilling equipment and improving working conditions on your platform.

Technical Details
ModelOFM-DS 4000OFM-DT 4000OFM-IS 2000OFM-IS 3000OFM-IS 4000
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm)30003000440045004450
width (mm)20002000140020002000
height (mm)21002100200020002000
Weight (mm)40005000450060006500
Cooler Specs
Flowrate (ltr/min)25002500250025002500
Mud Density (Kg/ltr)1.851.851.851.851.85
Design Inlet Temperature (°C)8585858585
Design Outlet Temperature (°C)5050656050
Seawater Temperature (°C)1515151515
Cooling Capacity (KW)40004000200030004000