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Equipment - Centrifuges


Separating solids from liquids can be an important means to maintain mud properties or to remove solids from contaminated fluids and comply with environmental directives. Selecting the correct centrifuge for the job can result in significant savings.

The Task range of decanting centrifuges have been developed for efficient and economical separation of liquid and solid particles. Solid bowl and concentric conveying scroll rotate at differential speeds, resulting in continuous separation of liquids and solids in drilling mud or other slurries. Task decanting centrifuges form an efficient step in solids removal operations. Depending on the properties of the materials to be separated, desired throughput and degree of separations a one or two step decanting process can be utilized.

Task’s know-how and experience are essential elements in the quality and versatility of all Task equipment, including this decanting centrifuge. It can be built completely to your specifications; our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of oil industry equipment will ensure short delivery times and problem free commissioning. Clever tool design and modern production facilities ensure that the equipment you order allows for reliable and economic deployment.

Technical Details
Bowl Specs
Diameter (mm)356380420480
Max bowl speed (rpm)3250420035003500
Max G-force2030370028603200
Capacity (m3/hr)25303550
Main DriveElectrical 37KWHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Scroll DrivePLanetary GearboxHydraulic RD 1071 S06-GV/FAHydraulic RD 1071 S06-GV/FAHydraulic RD 1071 S06-GV/FA
Max Torque2000 Nm2724 Nm @270Bar3000 Nm @270Bar8920 Nm @300Bar
Hydraulic Punp UnitN/AE-45-45/45D (45KW Motor)E-45-45/45D (45KW Motor)E 55-55/55D (55KW motor)
Differential speed (rpm)Planetary 52:1 Ratio0-1250-1250-64