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Equipment - Separators


Task disc separators are valuable instruments for the efficient processing of waste materials and the recovery of useful material from slop oil, lowering storage and dumping costs and offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional procedures for the processing of waste material. They can be operated with water as a control medium or low-viscosity organic fluids. Task disk separators are built with a self-cleaning bowl with a stack of conical disks. This will greatly enlarge the clarification area and give the separator a substantial capacity within a relatively small bowl volume. The self-cleaning bowl allows periodical discharging of separated solids (max. 1%) at full operational speed. To this end, the bowl ports around its perimeter are opened and closed by a hydraulically actuated sliding piston in the bowl bottom.

The opening mechanism allows both partial and total ejections of the bowl contents. For total ejection, the evacuation ports on the bowl’s perimeter are opened while the feed valve is closed. Partial ejection of the bowl’s contents occurs when the ejection ports are opened while the feed valve is kept open too.

For a simple and reliable operation, the Task disc separator is controlled by a Siemens Simatic C7 PLC: Furthermore, it is designed and certified for operation in Zone 1: the complete drive system is explosion proof. The entire unit is containerised, and mounted on top of a frame, which also holds a sludge tank and pump.

Task’s know how and experience are essential elements in the quality of the disc separator. It can be built completely to your specifications; our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of oil industry equipment will ensure short delivery times and problem free commissioning. Clever tool design and modern production facilities will ensure reliable and economic deployment.

Technical Details
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm)300
width (mm)2400
height (mm)2600
Separator Sepcs
Separator speed (rpm)6440
Motor (kw)15
Solids chamber (litre)11
Capacity (m3/hrs)3 to 6