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Equipment - Vacuum Degassers

Eliminating gases from mud is one of the first steps in drilling operations, and Task has developed a compact and reliable solution for this job: the VDG-series vacuum degasser. They are specifically designed for efficient degassing of drilling mud: by way of a 29 mm Hg vacuum drilling mud is conveyed from the well into the vacuum chamber of the degasser, and fed over a series of specially designed degassing plates. The large surface area, deep corrugation, weirs and vents on each plate brings entrained gas bubbles to the surface, where they break and allow the gas to escape into the degasser chamber . From there, they are sucked out at the top of the degasser to be burnt off. Degassed mud flows out through a vent in the bottom of the chamber.

Due to its robust construction and the small number of moving parts, Task vacuum degassers are extremely reliable. The mud level during operation is regulated by a float, and a vacuum breaker valve serves to bring the chamber up to atmospheric pressure. The vacuum degasser is specifically designed for operations in zone 1. A large access door allows quick and easy inspection and maintenance of the elements in the vacuum chamber.

Task’s know how and experience are essential elements in the quality of the vacuum degassers. They can be built completely to your specifi cations; our modular design practices and wide experience in the field of oil industry equipment will ensure short delivery times, a problem free commissioning and reliable and economic deployment.

• Simple and efficient degassing of mud • High efficiency on a small footprint • Only 1 drive, 3 moving parts • Large gas exchange surface with high exchange effi ciency • Easy accessibility of working parts for maintenance and control • Direct degassing for exhaust or burn off of entrained gases • Facilitates environmentally friendly operations

Technical Details
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm)26502650
width (mm)15001525
height(total) (mm)19752130
Weight (total) (KG)14511587
Flowrate (ltr/min)22504500
Total Lead Area (M2)7.3614.36
Electrical Power (Kw)3.73.7